Saying Yes or No?

yes no maybeFollowing on from my blog post Relax, where I wrote about saying no to things, because you are too busy, I have continued to think about the matter of saying yes or no to those things that present themselves to you, that also require some time commitment and effort on your part.

I’m a firm believer in intuition, and most of the time follow mine. In fact, when I go against it, I usually pay the ‘price’! So often what can seem like a stupid idea, but my intuition says is not and to go with the flow and say yes, turns out to be a good idea (or in the reverse of too of course)!

If you are really are too busy, then perhaps you should say no occasionally, or at least be very discerning about what and who you agree to give your time up for.

Think about why you are busy, and then make sure what it is that keeps you too busy, is working towards YOUR GOALS, and not someone else’s.

Perhaps you’ll go for the ‘Maybe’ box occasionally, but be sure you don’t procrastinate for too long, as that really will get you nowhere – nothing right, nothing wrong, no lessons learned, nothing achieved.

If you are not really that busy, then perhaps what Jeff Goins wrote will resonate:

“Say yes more.

The experts who tell you to say “no” don’t know what they’re talking about.

Sure, that works if you’re already busy and your time is in demand. For those people, saying no is a matter of survival.

But what if you aren’t there yet? What if you dreamed of being busy in the right things?

The best way to create new opportunities is to start saying “yes” — not to everything, but definitely to more things that excite you, even if you’re not sure how you’ll pull it off.

Make faster decisions.

You know what phrase I never hear? “I sure learned a lot from that decision I never made.” People who don’t decide, don’t do much.

Here’s a little secret: most choices can be reversed. And those that can’t usually have a lesson to teach us. So trust your instincts and start being bolder with the decisions you make.

This will cause a boost in your confidence and make you feel more in control.”

6 thoughts on “Saying Yes or No?

  1. I endorse the ‘maybe’ option as an initial response giving one thinking time before making the big decision – yes or no. Although I confess to usually feeling so chuffed to be asked to do something/ get involved – or whatever, that I usually say yes straight off, then agonise about it later when I realise I have overcommitted.


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