My first virtual Christmas party

Virtual Christmas party foodToday is Christmas Eve in Australia, and I had the fun of attending a virtual Christmas party via Facebook!  Woop de doodle, it actually was a lot of fun! In fact, this is the only party I personally have been invited to, and so it is even more special.

As a girlfriend Robyn blogged The Christmas breakup last week, highlighting when you don’t work, or your family live far away, then you don’t get invited to any parties or other celebrations.

I did attend my husband’s work Christmas party last week, but as his partner, and so it was not really time spent with my own friends or colleagues, and I did not know many of them, and then did not remember the rest of them.

So today, I was thrilled to share the mince pies as pictured above with my beautiful virtual friends, some of whom I have actually met and spent time with now. Thank you… I love you all. XOX

12 thoughts on “My first virtual Christmas party

  1. Hope you have a great christmas day today Kate and a happy and healthy 2014.

    I’m glad you had such a great time on Facebook chatting with your friend 🙂 I had a few quick messages back and forth with someone in a pain grouop I’m a member of (so a very very short “chat”) and she said something lovely to me, and about 10 days later I can still remember it. Now that’s a miracle!!! 😉


  2. Dear Kate, I actually have no real need to read your blog anymore, yet it gives me such a connection, that I believe I will be with you forever. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and to your close family of bloggers. Love Jeff


    • Dear Jeff, I was very moved by your comment, and feel delighted you will be with me forever. It seems life has changed for you… my thoughts are always with you. Thank you for being you. Kind regards, Kate


  3. I didn’t get an invite to any Christmas celebrations either. As I was made redundant a year ago, and been unemployed since, no work party, though not idle as we moved house, looked after very ill spouse, run around after grandchildren and created a wonderful ‘secret garden’ in the barren courtyard at the apartment we moved into – oh, and studied MOOC, which is how I found you. I miss ‘my’ residents very much after being working at the one Aged Care Facility for 11 years. A few of the families and staff do keep in touch and I am continually concerned as to how those 100 special people are faring with the huge cutbacks at the Home. I will raise a glass to you tomorrow and wish you and your family much joy in 2014.


  4. Hi Kate…..have a great Christmas. have enjoyed peeping at your daily journal entries..or blogs! Thanks.
    Will catch up sometime when you are home for another coffee….Kev. Harvey


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