Slow down and be present…

Christmas table 2013We’ve had one day of family, friends and feasting, and to say my girth has grown ever so slightly is possibly an understatement! Yesterday was our family Christmas meal, also shared this year with a special niece and her fiancé and three special friends, so with our two boys,  one with his girlfriend, there was ten of us. The first thing I usually do the day before is to set the table, which was just as well because I was not quite ready when they started arriving.  But arrive they did, and it was busy busy busy! I also over-catered (!!!), which means we won’t have to prepare food now for days. The time and mental effort it took was greater this year than last, but having left overs does mean I don’t have to think about food too much for the next few days.

This also means I now have more time to ‘slow down and be present’, to be more mindful about my own life and thoughts, and about those close to me. Whilst there are many friends who we’ve not seen now for a few years since the diagnosis of dementia, there are many others who are still with us, and then we have many new friends. I’m also thrilled to have a lot of new online friends, who definitely offer me unique ways to stay connected, with lots of love, laughs and #koalahugs! I have the time to pay attention to my world, my relationships, our future together, whatever that might be, however short or long.

Mindfulness – being in and aware of the present – is an art, and art needs practicing.

10 thoughts on “Slow down and be present…

  1. I recently attended a workshop on Mindfulness which prompted me to be in the moment with my lovely Mum. Your blogpost reinforces that thought. Here’s wishing you all you wish for in 2014.


  2. Kate – that reminds me of a post-it I have on my TV – it says “enjoy the MOMENT”.

    It’s good that I don’t take it “literally” otherwise I’d be eating ice-cream all day since I wanted to enjoy each moment!!! 😉 😉

    It’s kind-of-similar to what you’re saying, but not entirely.

    Hope that it didn’t tire you out too much. But as you said, you can rest a bit to recover 🙂 Hope you had a good day with the family 🙂


  3. Lovely blog Kate! Our “biggest” family day coming up today with “my lot” still here and my brother and family coming up to join us. We will all continue to enjoy our ‘talking koala’ 🙂

    I will take time to reflect on my fab time with you in Australia and preview what we and our other amazing #dementiachallenges will achieve in 2014!
    #koalahugs always! Gill xox


    • #koalahugs right back at you… so glad you are having a wonderful time with family still. Our reflections on our time together, along with what’s ahead will make some very good blog material! xox


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