SPAMNo doubt most people my age remember this product, the meat when there was no fresh meat, cooked and served in all sorts of ways to made it vaguely edible.

Fried was always the best way to eat it, served with peas and mashed potatoes, and lots of tomato sauce, or dead horse as we used to call it!

But I never got sick of it, unlike how I  get really sick of the SPAM that appears in my SPAM folder every single day, regardless of the fact I have apparently set my website up to reject all sorts of unsavoury words.

The ‘Spammers’ are, to put it mildly, annoying, and are probably the only thing that annoys me regularly, and the one thing I dislike about having a website.

Why would my lovely readers want to know about free online drugs on my site, or anything else for that matter, when all they have to do is hit Mr Google?

If anyone has advice on reducing the number of SPAM that ends up in my SPAM folder, please let me know.

In the meantime, perhaps I’m going to have to purchase a tin of SPAM, maybe even fry it, and then eat it with mashed potatoes and mushy peas, to help reduce my 21st Century dislike of those wretched Spammers!

14 thoughts on “SPAM…

  1. I have never figured out why we can go to the moon but we can’t stop spam. UNLESS, they are afforded the ability to spam us in return for financial favors! The crude and vulgar spams are attempts to throw the people off balance who are opposing Govt. The drug spams are bought and paid for to get advertising out to the people, and on and on it goes. It is not by sheer happenstance….And yes! It is a royal pain in the tush…I can sympathize with you. You may have to change internet providers. Some are worse than others for allowing spam in….Other than that I guess we must all feel glad that it isn’t worse! We could be without internet completely….Yikes….Much love…VK


  2. Hello, I was amazed by the number of porno site that thought my web site was the ideal place to expose their produces to people living with the symptoms of dementia. At one point when I had a leave a message section I was getting hundreds of them per week. I got tired of hitting the delete button so I closed down the interactive part of it.

    It’s just the price we seem to have to pay for an open internet. Jerks are everywhere.



  3. Spam! Yuk – whether it’s the stuff in the tin or the stuff in the inbox. My filter works well and I get very little. I do not think eating the other will do anything for you at all, give it a miss.


  4. Thanks for the SPAM walk down memory lane Kate… How well I remember it – having grown up in Papua New Guinea where options were rather limited… Mum battered and fried it and yes, served with all those accompaniments :o) I’m not so sure on the internet variety of spam though sorry – I just delete them in a one hit as a rule…


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