Blue feet: the price of vanity?

The listerine trickSome kindly person recently posted this on Facebook, and I became very excited because I really like to have smooth feet!

Many of my girlfriends feel the same, and so I printed this off, and even shared it with my carer Tess who helps me on Fridays. She too was visibly excited, and so last week we went shopping, and of course, on my list was blue Listerine.  I even purchased the largest bottle, as  the plan was to give what I didn’t use to her.

Arriving home from the shops, Listerine in hand, I added the ingredients to a bowl large enough to soak my feet for 10 minutes. Tess checked on me, and we both had very high expectations of my wonderfully smooth feet. 10 minutes later, I dried my feet and attempted to peel off the dry skin. The only thing that happened was my feet turned blue!! The joke really was on me… Such is the price of vanity??!!

17 thoughts on “Blue feet: the price of vanity?

  1. I’m glad the blue eventually washed off …… but did it make your skin softer??!! (i’ll forget to look at your blog reply here so email me if it did make it softer because my heels need help too!)

    I sympathise with the odd colour ……. for years and years I lived with hands that were quite orange because I used to eat a LOT of carrots ……. I mean a LOT. Not the liquid but I’d much on them as a snack against my chronic hunger. 😉


  2. OMG!!! I guess that is a good lesson for all of us about what we read and hear on the internet. We are so quick to believe what we read. I wonder why? This is a great reminder to not be so gullible…Hope your feet are not still blue Kate. Ha! What a hoot….Blessings dear friend…VK xxoo


  3. hahaha you crack me up dear one, love it, blue feet, yes the foot spa/bath is great for tired feet, i have one but dont use it often enough, when i do its total bliss tho, xxx cant wait till thurs night, love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  4. Love it Kate. My husband’s feet were in such bad shape I decided to take action and once or twice a week, last thing before he gets into bed, I swathe his feet with vaseline and put socks on him. It’s not very sexy but it does work. Initially, I had to have him soak in a foot bath and then attacked the feet with a rasp. I also did the vaseline treatment for several consecutive nights at that point.

    I am sure you are also aware of a product called “Babyfoot” or “Babyfeet” available on the internet. I just thought vaseline was a more economcal option.


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