Fear, dementia and blogging

fear vs courage“Stop hesitating. Stop wavering. Stop questioning. Tell the voices of opposition to shut up. Refuse to be ruled by Fear. And then, get on with what you were born to do.

What is Fear?

  • Fear is avoiding a tough conversation you need to have.
  • Fear is asking for advice when you already know what to do.
  • Fear is waiting for more information before acting on what you already know.

Instead of being afraid, we must be courageous. But, as you probably know by now, courage isn’t the absence of Fear; it’s the willingness to face it in spite of your feelings.” Jeff Goins

As most of you know I follow a blogger called Jeff Goins, and he regularly comes up with some pearls of wisdom. His words above could be applied to the fear of writing, or pretty much the fear of doing or facing anything.

I really liked what he said, and it  immediately made me think about fear and dementia, and why I blog. Strangely, I feel born to advocate, and to write and blog, and that insight or those gifts has been given birth in part because of being diagnosed with dementia.

I tweeted this a few days ago:

“Finding the strength to overcome challenges it always the greatest challenge”.

For many, fear is the greatest challenge that holds us back from moving forward.

Blogging has helped me overcome many of my fears.

Blogging helped me overcome my fear of writing and being published.

Blogging and other writing has helped me overcome my fear of dementia, and of what is ahead of this terminal illness.

Blogging and other writing has helped me overcome my fear of criticism and critique.

Blogging and other writing has helped me build up a memory bank of my thoughts, life experiences and interactions with others, and has been and continues to be a vibrant channel of communication.

Blogging is a way of sharing and caring, for example there are many people caring for a loved on with dementia who follow this blog who tell me they find it very helpful in understanding how their loved one feels. There are also people with dementia following this blog who say they find it helpful. I feel privileged and honoured they have shared some of their own lives with me. Sharing with others also helps me overcome my fears of the onslaught of the symptoms dementia.

Fear is worth overcoming, and to have found blogging such a useful tool that helps me overcome the fear of dementia, and also offers me so many other positives is truly wonderful.

The death of fear is simply finding the courage to do what you fear!

14 thoughts on “Fear, dementia and blogging

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  2. Wow Kate ……. what a meaningful post today …… you must spend so much time thinking about things before you even put fingers to keyboard!!

    Unfortunately I don’t think that there will ever be “death of fear” because there’s always going to be new things cropping up that we fear that scare us ….. we just have to acknowledge the new fear and slowly piece together the new fighting strategies. But we shouldn’t feel bad if it takes a while to overcome the fear either …….

    Good blog post Kate 🙂


  3. Your blog has helped me a great deal, Kate. Thank you! My husband has dementia, and your blog has helped me live in the ‘now’ and be grateful. Thank you for helping us face our fears, and may you continue to find the courage to do the same!


  4. I love this post! Encapsulating how I feel about fear and moving on and being courageous enough to tackle your own grain! Welldone on overcoming your own fear too!! 🙂


  5. Kate, how poignant are these words: I had this problem but you came along & no longer do I fear the road ahead; you know why!
    I love these words, and your courage but most of all – I love your honesty, your spirit and you. Thank you for being in my life xx


  6. It seems to me, Kate, that the courage comes from the doing. Or to paraphrase something a professor said in a law course I once took (about which I blogged a few days ago), “If you’re too afraid to do something, just do it. And the fear will go away.” 🙂


  7. All you say is so right on Kate!!! Especially your last sentence ” The death of fear is simply finding the courage to do what you fear! ” We tend to build fear up and make it an unsolvable problem when in actual fact simply facing it puts an end to it…One day we will all get it together I hope to realize life’s battles are not nearly as potent as we make them out to be….Go for it girl! Good stuff 🙂 Blessings and love…VK xxoo


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