Horses and homework

As a kid, I loved homework, rather nerdy really, but perhaps the reason I occasionally add some homework funnies. It would be fair to say my sons ‘disliked’ homework, especially the eldest, who also seriously disliked going to school at all, and found most of the ‘stuff’ he learned pointless!! They would be keen to read some of the research coming out now about how pointless homework is, and how it may even be doing more harm than good to a child’s learning… well, until they have their own children at school!

As a kid, I also loved horses, and so todays homework funny was perfect for today. We had a horse on the farm called Trixie, who I started riding bareback at about the age of 4, completely fearless and totally in love with her. Many of my school friends tried to ride her, and if they were scared or didn’t like horses, Trixie always knew, and either tipped them off or tried to bite them… she was an excellent judge of character.


9 thoughts on “Horses and homework

  1. Loved the connotation from the misspelling…lol…Quite funny…Love the homework series:) Hope things are well with you my friend. I have been trying to stay warm. Another snow storm headed our way Wednesday…Such fun and games! Thinking of you my friend…Blessings and love…VK


    • Yes, isn’t it hilarious… the homework funnies I find remind me so much of one son!! Thinking of you as you weather the awful snow storms… we are the exact opposite, although had a wind storm last night which is still howling, but at least our power is back on after 10 hours off! Love and hugs xox


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