But… I don’t have enough time

slipping away“I don’t have enough time” is a common complaint we make ourselves or hear from others. We all have the same amount of time in a day, so why is it that some people seem to accomplish more than others? Time slips away, without us really noticing it. Then we reach a certain age, or get sick, and really wonder where it went…

Craig Jarrow, author of a popular blog Time Management Ninja tackles this question in his article ‘7 Reasons Why You Are Time Poor’.

Jarrow believes the only difference is how people choose to spend their time, and that there are seven common reasons why people struggle to accomplish things in a timely manner. These are;

1. You don’t say no
2. You don’t know your obligations
3. You have too much life friction
4. You lolly-gag (time waste)
5. You don’t put your priorities first
6. You try to do everything yourself
7. You don’t finish things

I wrote recently about saying ‘No’, and using the “Too Busy Basket” to ensure you have the time to complete the things you want to achieve, and using your time to reach your goals, not those of others. It is really important to stay focussed on your own goals, and this is especially so if you are a giving person, and want to help others.

Time is free, but it is also priceless, and once gone, you will never get it back. Don’t waste your time on the things that don’t matter to you. This concept is not selfish at all, for example, if it is important to volunteer for a cause you are passionate, then it not only helps them, but you are achieving your own goal. But don’t say yes to everything, just because you can, or someone else expects you to!

6 thoughts on “But… I don’t have enough time

  1. I agree with you here Kate, sometimes I now find myself with time and I relish what I do with it, I can now chose to read, study, sit and watch the cattle or give Chris a hand, but I know sometimes I waste time because I don’t want to do the task ahead 🙂 I just penned the quote “”the best thing about looking forward is that you can always see hope”. I see this includes time xxx


  2. You’ve missed one key point from the list above – something that many people suffer from. Attention Deficit. Either ADD or ADHD. Attention deficit is a reason that many people have trouble achieving things.

    Many people can even have it in a mild form after a brain injury, with dementia, even someone who suffers from chronic pain has trouble concentrating and following through with things.


    • I agree, I think everything goes out the window when we talk about people with learning disAbilities or severe chronic illnesses… so often it simply gets in the way of achievement and time management in the way well people can so easily achieve


  3. A great quote about time is

    Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present 🙂


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