Plagiarism and happiness…

plagiarismdefinedI think I read the five simple rules to happiness I have listed below somewhere… If you are the known author, please don’t sue me for plagiarism, I simply can’t remember where I read it, or even if I read it!

Who knows, I may have written this list myself, which is entirely possible these days. Many days I get blog comments coming through on my email and I can’t remember writing it, let alone publishing the blog. So maybe I am plagiarising myself… who really knows, not even me. But for now, back to happiness…

These are five simple rules to happiness:

1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

OMG, these rules sound so easy, and yet they are actually quite difficult. For goodness sakes, my rambling brain can’t even decide whether to write about happiness or plagiarism, so how can it possibly be easy to be happy?! Thankfully for me, by nature, I am happy, a glass half full kind of girl!

Maybe that’s it? The ‘nature’ part of us needs to be happy to start with, otherwise we will be miserable, and spend our time in the thick of PLOM disease. Yesterday I tweeted (@KateSwaffer) The Happiness Chart, and it certainly seems easy.  If you are happy, keep doing what you are doing. If not, then change something. Oh my, if only it were that simple.

But back to plagiarism… if I can’t remember writing something, and then decide to publish it, is that plagiarism. If I read things that I ‘know’ I have written, but can’t remember writing, is that plagiarism? I’m about to go back to university, and have no idea how I am going to cope with the workload, let alone the referencing and other details of academia. For example, can I refer to my own previously published work, even if I can’t remember writing it?

pencil trickI think sticking to thinking about happiness and being happy might be the best bet at this stage… it is three weeks until I really have to worry about plagiarism anyway! And on the days my natural happiness gets stuck, I’ll resort to the pencil trick!

6 thoughts on “Plagiarism and happiness…

  1. Great attitude Kate!! If you do a “google” on the quote you’ll see that there are a LOT of sites that have it 🙂

    By the way – you haven’t mentioned that you’re going back to Uni……. tell us more!!!! 🙂


    • Ok, so I’m one of the sites now with that list to happiness! And I’m enrolled in a Master’s of Science in Dementia Care… we will see if I survive it or get past the Census date!!


  2. If it has been published with your name on it, its yours!

    How many ideas are truly original? Many people may have had them before, but unless they’ve claimed them, it is the way our society works. I vividly remember an assignment I wrote 20+ years ago coming back with the comment “your idea or someone else’s?”. At the time I thought, well of course it was my idea, I would have referenced it otherwise, as I had all others in the assignment. But it stuck in my mind. Many years later I came across a Marshall McLuhan quote… the same idea…. Kaaaatching… But of course he had claimed it first…


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