Living Well with Dementia by Dr Shibley Rahman

Living well with dementiaLiving Well with Dementia: The Importance of the Person and the Environment for Wellbeing by Shibley Rahman.

Please consider this very important new release by a dear friend of mine. The fact he is a friend has nothing to do with my wanting to promote it, in fact quite the opposite. I’ve been more critical than usual, due to not wanting to be biased.

I would like to publicly acknowledge and congratulate Shibley on the launch of this remarkable book, which is taking place today in London. I am extremely annoyed I cannot be there in person, although it is rather a long way! Of course, a congratulatory message has been sent!

Shibley’s book goes a long way towards bringing about the change so desperately needed to take the focus away from pure research, big Pharma and the medicalisation of dementia, and to improving Quality of Life and well-being for people living with dementia.

With the help of this wonderful book, and a united front from everyone wanting to improve real outcomes for people with dementia, we will change perceptions about people living with dementia, and raise awareness of the disease by properly introducing the human factor and breaking down the myths, stigma and discrimination.

Chapter 11’s theme of Living well with dementia, about empowering people and the roles that advocacy can play were of great interest to me personally, as that is how, since diagnosis, I have focused on living my life. The chapter on Advocacy has also been extremely valuable, especially as my life is now focused on self advocacy and advocacy for and others.

Shibley’s book, with the gorgeous front cover by his friend Charmaine Hardy, is ground-breaking and deserves the highest praise for writing it, and the collective and deepest thanks from people living with dementia, and those loving and caring for us. It is a book for patients, family carers, nurses and paid carers, and most of all for medical doctors; I sincerely hope it helps them to see there is another way.

Dr Peter Gordon has reviewed it on Amazon, and also here via Vimeo. His Amazon UK review is attached below.

book review

6 thoughts on “Living Well with Dementia by Dr Shibley Rahman

  1. Maybe some government officials should read it too since they want to make cities dementia-friendly, and they also want to improve the way they provide services to those with dementia.


    • Yes, he is a remarkable man, and lives in London. I had the good fortune to meet him in person last year, taking him from being an imaginary (virtual) friend to a real one!! I hope your weekend is good too xox


  2. Am really touched by this piece, Kate.

    I cannot give full justice to the outstanding contribution you make in giving people a a voice; making every individual feel wanted; and feel special.

    Very very few people have this gift.

    I have found your personal support of my work of immense value.

    Above all, I value enormously our personal friendship.

    I do think, though, in terms of the constructive debate about these issues, things are at last going our way.

    With very best wishes.


    • Thank you dear Shibley… for your friendship, support and wisdom. And I agree, things are starting to change… so lots of #woopdedoodle’s !! I’m looking forward to a blog about the book launch now, please! xox


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