4 Time-Saving Social Media Tips by Frances Caballo, via CS Larkin

social media pins4 Time-Saving Social Media Tips was blogged on a terrific blog Live Write Thrive that I started following recently written by Susanne Larkin. For the writers out there, Susanne’s blog is extremely useful.

There are a few people in my circle who I feel sure will find this blog interesting! They know who they are, wonderful people like the TTG – @WhoseShoes who in fact, is the one who inspired me to tweet more, changing my attitude that twitter was only for twits???

As it is not possible to hit the ‘re-blog’ button on Susanne’s page because there isn’t one, I’ll copy and paste it over in part.

It is well worth the read, so do follow the link to the full article:

Today’s guest post is from social media expert Frances Caballo, who has some great tips for writers on streamlining and assessing time spent on social media sites. She’s just released a new book called Avoid Social Media Time Suck, which I’ve devoured and highly recommend every writer purchase! This is just a short bit from her book:

What is time suck? It’s the hours of time you can unintentionally spend in front of your computer reviewing Facebook posts, retweeting your Tweeps, and uploading photos while your writing and maybe even your family await your undivided attention.

We’ve all lost time while using Facebook. Perhaps our only intention was to post an update and an image, but then . . . look what happens instead. You see a post from a friend who is feeling down, so you stop to write an encouraging note. Then you notice that a colleague posted a great article about self-publishing and you can’t resist the temptation to read it. You navigate to the website with the article and you find a book for sale there. You’ve got to have it. So you go to Amazon, read the reviews, and decide whether you want a new or used version or an ebook. Continue Reading…

2 thoughts on “4 Time-Saving Social Media Tips by Frances Caballo, via CS Larkin

  1. Hi Kate

    I had just been browsing around on social media … posting a tweet here, ‘liking’ a FB update there, commenting on a blog or two.. I was just going to do something on my ‘to do’ list when I came across this fascinating blog by my friend Kate Swaffer…

    It is very hard to use the ‘too busy’ basket or the ‘no’ basket when there is so much interesting stuff around!

    Much love from #TTG 😉 xox


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