Cats map of the bed…

cats-map-of-the-bedIf anyone has a cat or two, and allows them to sleep on the bed with you, this map will make a lot of sense! We even purchased a King size bed when we went from one to two cats, and still have trouble finding space to sleep! And this challenge has barely changed since we became a one cat household… As far as it being Tuesday humour, this is it!

14 thoughts on “Cats map of the bed…

  1. I sleep in a king size bed and still find myself on the very edge every morning just barely holding on…I can’t figure it out. The cat in essence has a double bed sized space and yet it seems pressing up against my legs is the G-spot of sleeping….Crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way:) Thanks for sharing! VK xxoo


  2. Love it Kate. We have two cats and one sleeps right next to me most nights. The other insists on sleeping inside the bed to keep warm. This morning they decided all-in feline wrestling was the order of the day at 5am. I seemed to be the wrestling ring. They get away with murder but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


    • Haha Duncan… makes me miss our other cat as that is what they used to do too. Between 4 and 5 is when it started, and is still the time Boris decides it is time to get up!!! And of course, we wouldn’t have I any other way either…


  3. I love this, don’t own a cat but best friend has 2 who sleep on her bed. I forwarded it on to her & she’s going to enlarge & reproduce it to put on the bedroom wall for the cats who don’t seem to know their boundaries. She is hoping with a map they may do all those things in designated areas rather than trying to do them under the covers with her.


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