Cheeky Maureen Shiells

Maureen Sheills

She’s a little bit cheeky

Is Maureen Shiells


As I’ve snuck in this poem

Hoping desperately

I won’t upset my newer followers

She is just a little bit more than

Interested in dementia

Keen about health and well being

She loves life

It’s a bit worrying though

She said a blog would have to wait

Until coffee time

Now really, where is her sense of duty

To friends like the tweeting Goddess

All I ask for this sneaky poem

From this cheeky gal

When I get to meet her

Is a Scottish jig

I’ve even provided a pair of Whose Shoes!

jig shoes

4 thoughts on “Cheeky Maureen Shiells

  1. Thank you, Kate, I really love my poem and it was worth the risk of being ‘cheeky’ enough to ask for one!! Mrs Whose Shoes has summed certain elements of mysituation to a ‘T’, and her blog (over a day old now) is on my list of things to do before bed tonight. Take care, both. XX


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