Shibley: one of my Imaginary friends

Shibley Rahman

The case of the stolen Mango

Not even heard of by many Aussies

Perhaps a prank to highlight it

It even caught the attention

Of dear Shibley

My #nolongeranimaginaryfriend

Who writes and blogs prolifically

And said he wrote the Mango blog for me

Though I’m not sure why

He tweets  @legalaware

And whilst it has not been good for some

We have both found

After a certain amount of coaching

From “you know who you are”

That twitter is amazing

Facebook is great for a chat

Connections of love and friendship

Bound by time zones

Causing the official #SwafferTime

Although sometimes late

It always appears

More regular than the Atomic clock

Dr Shibley Rahman

Academic and scholar in dementia

Once in a coma for weeks

And in line with his magnificent book

Shibs is living well with disAbilities

I am very proud to call him a friend

Very excited he has signed up to my blog

Claiming his personalised poem

Twitter and blogging

Are to “blame”

For leading me to this incredible man

A special friend

And to this wonderful book

Living Well With Dementia

Living well with dementia

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