Please use other floor…

Save the floorChatting with a friend recently, I heard a funny story… something I said (threatened?) I would probably blog about, but of course promised not to rat out the unsuspecting partner! It reminded me of one of my grandmothers, never using her best crockery and crystal. Not ever, not even for a special occasion.

We talked about the oddities of human beings, and in particular, partners, in-laws, ex bosses… you get the drift. We’d moved on from the really interesting stuff like our health, our wrinkles, any general aging issues, and our kids!!! This was not the sort of get together where there was ever any intention of getting into an intellectual or philosophical discussion of any sort, simply a quick coffee together and a chat.

My husband and I really love an uncomplicated life, and the things in our home, quite simple things like the rugs on the floor, our wall hangings, even the old crystal glasses we bought for a snatch at a house auction many years ago, none of which really match. We really treasure everything we have, we know how much they cost, and in particular how hard we worked to be able to purchase them in the first place. More importantly, we use them.

Eventually we got around to her partner! He loves things to be neat and tidy, as do we, but we think maybe this is a little over the top; the polished floor boards do not get walked on, except in socks, unless they have visitors. I even wondered if there should be a sign at the front door saying Please use other floor’? On top of that, he has Persian rugs, rolled up in the spare room, never to be walked on, ‘just in case’. Just in case ‘what?’ we both pondered as we giggled our way through our coffee. Funny really, as what are floor boards and rugs for, other than walking on?

10 thoughts on “Please use other floor…

  1. Hello, and why is it that most of us will be buried with either our faults or our strengths, and only our faults or our strengths will be remembered? Can’t we all start relating to each other NOW as human beings?



  2. ha love this one dear one, oh dont we all have idosyncrisies?? that we can laugh at, but yes im with you if you cant walk on it or use it why bother, hahah like a new car cant take it on dirt roads, well i would never have a good car if that was the case as i flippen live a dirt roads hahah. cmon pete give us a reply to above blog, the mind boggles on what you would say, maybe leave it till we are just the 4 of us. in june have great day darling kate. xxxxxxxxx


  3. Wow….you can’t take that stuff with you…What a waste. Enjoy life while it is unfolding as there is no second chance in this life time. Who wants to carry those regrets to their grave….Rock on and celebrate! VK xxoo


  4. Ha ha, I can relate to that. My partner used to clean my car every weekend – inside, outside, underneath and under the bonnet (with a paintbrush) – I kid you not. if rain was predicted on any day early the week I was instructed not to take it out….get a bus or tram! Really easy with three children to taxi around. Children were also absolutely forbidden to eat or drink in the car – or vomit. The latter being necessary as number one daughter was prone to motion sickness. The others had instructions to watch her in case she was turning green, in which case they had to yell at me to pull over. Sick bags were also in the back in case we couldn’t pull over in time.


    • Hahaha, you cracked me up… Catch the bus or a tram indeed!!! All I need now is for my partner to add some of my more ‘interesting’ habits… you’d probably be laughing for a week!


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