Relying on Tom & Jerry…

puss-gets-the-bootIt is Tuesday, which is meant to be my day of adding some humour into our lives… other than the Tom and Jerry cartoon via the link below, my tank is a bit low. I know there are lots of family stories lurking in the recesses of my mind,many of them very funny, and all of them probably embarrassing to someone in our immediate family, but I can’t recall enough of a whole story to add it here. I’ve been taking notes, and writing thoughts as they appear, but have not put together a whole story yet.

As part of our family history, I’d really like to write some of those stories up, as I know when I was younger I really enjoyed hearing the stories of my youth, many of which I could  not really remember, but my parents could tell me about. Grandchildren love stories about their parents and grandparents too, and they are an important part of our personal history and identity.

It is a strange phenomenon not being able to recall one’s own life, a bit weird, even though many days I can remember all sorts of things, although often only parts of things. Having to rely on reading my own blog, to recall what I’ve been thinking, writing or doing is vaguely annoying, but, I suppose, better than not having anything to rely on at all, even though I often feel as if I’ve plagiarised myself. The symptoms of dementia are definitely getting in the way of things like remembering.

Anyway, if you enjoy old fashioned cartoons like Tom & Jerry, who I’m relying on today to provide us all some humour, follow this link:


11 thoughts on “Relying on Tom & Jerry…

  1. It’s pretty upsetting to me to have lost all my past memories and not to be able to make any real new memories. You’ve called it “weird” and “strange” ……. but for me it’s pretty upsetting. Even 16 years on ……..


  2. Hi Kate,
    How are you? What an amazing insight! Would you mind if I share this post to my facebook page? It’s Aged Care Revolution if you want to see before you give me the go ahead. Cheers, Genevieve


  3. I can sympathize with you my friend. I have no recall of my life from infant to 14 yrs. It’s driven me crazy for years as I always felt incomplete and unable to deal with issues because I don’t know where they came from. I guess we just have to learn to live with the hands we are dealt no matter how crippling they may be. Keep thinking positive and stay in the light. At least we have safety there 🙂 Blessings….VK


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