“Barbara, the whole story”, by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital

This video is a very thought-provoking insight into care of people in the community and in hospital. I noticed a dementia friend symbol on the lady’s bed at about 21 minutes, but felt the whole experience for this lady was so far from dementia friendly it made me cry. I have experienced it, in the acute setting, to a lesser degree. At least I didn’t fracture my femur…

Published on YouTube Mar 28, 2014

Created by nurses at Guy’s and St Thomas’ to raise awareness of dementia among staff, Barbara’s Story is a series of 6 films which has changed attitudes to dementia in hospitals across the world.

This film tells the story of how and why we made Barbara’s Story and includes a condensed version of all 6 episodes.
Every one of us will be affected by dementia in some way during our lives. Wherever we live, whatever we do, dementia is a universal issue.

To find out more visit http://www.guysandstthomas.nhs.uk/education-and-training/staff-training/Barbaras-story.aspx


5 thoughts on ““Barbara, the whole story”, by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital

  1. I would love to watch her story Kate-will watch it when i have time but definetly not going to miss this! I would have filmed the journey of my Grandad’s dementia to help others and pay it forward but unfortunately i haven’t as he diagnosed late and wasn’t really interested or aspired about dementia back then but if another family member in my family gets dementia i will definetly do it-those key moments are so precious💜


  2. Thjis is a fantastic film. It made me cry. I work with people who are living with Dementia and I have recently beome a Dementia Champion. I think we all have a lot to learn…… well done at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ 🙂


      • What a really beautiful,sad and moving portrait of an aged person with dementia experiencing end of life issues. Although I work in the field of Pastoral Care in both hospital and residential facilities it was a reminder of how people can be experiencing “care” at this time and how can be more gentle and loving.


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