Five airports in two days

10277785_259616834211423_6690469421009605587_nI’m very happy to say we have landed back on Aussie soil, and although I’m still in Sydney airport, with a 2 hours wait for the flight home to Adelaide, I thought I’d better catch up on some blogging! To say we have had a frantic time is probably the understatement for the decade (for us), and this picture is only part of what I’ve been up to.

For me, the very best part of the holiday was actually being able to meet the other founders and Board members of Dementia Alliance International (DAI), as we attended the Alzheimer’s Disease International 29th conference in Puerto Rico. And thanks to social media, many of you were there with us! We have made life-long friendships, and have put together plans for building this group, as well as meeting people from other countries wishing to become part of it.

I truly this is a particular moment in time that will become history for people with dementia, towards reclaiming their basic human rights and full inclusion in society. DAI had a professional booth in the Exhibition hall, and all members attending presented on topics of great importance to living well with dementia, at least once. I am extremely proud of what we have collectively achieved in such a short time, and will blog more about that soon.

Prior to the conference, we had 6 nights in New York City, my first time there, and to the USA. I did not enjoy it as much as I had anticipated, as found the crowds overwhelming and also tiring, and this trip, it took me three days to recover from jet-lag. I’m loathe to think how long it will take to get over after this very long trip home, but no need to plummet into PLOM disease, it has been fun, and we are so lucky to have been able to go.

NYC was really exciting, and very tiring. We went to Chicago on Broadway, which even Pete loved, and also to see Romeo and Julio at the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, also wonderful. The obligatory tourist bus trips giving us an overview of the city were great, albeit rather cold and I became a Sarah Lee; we needed many layers outside, but had to peel them off inside! I especially loved the helicopter ride, and for some strange reason, the free ferry ride to Stratton Island. The visit to Ground Zero was deeply moving for Pete, as I had expected it to be for me, but my emotions have changed, and so it was quite a different experience. We both loved the Guggenheim, and I could have spent a month in the Met! 

As we didn’t have a honeymoon when we married due to our young Brady Bunch and not wanting to leave our boys at such a new stage in their young lives, we made up for it in NYC by spoiling ourselves and staying at the Waldorf Astoria. The history of this hotel was incredible, and although we were not invited into the Presidential Suite, I can very well imagine what it must look like! Our room in contrast was probably very ordinary, but we loved it just the same. The photos of Presidents and musicians and celebrities adorning the walls was interesting, and impressive! The older lady who was our guide for the tour of the hotel had been a young woman at the same time many of these people either lived the hotel tower, or simply spent their leisure time their, as it was in its day, the ‘place to be seen’. She was a wonderful example of living well into old age, and looked to be at least in her mid 70’s, and mentioned she still goes out dancing at night.

I promise there’ll be more news of our travels soon, and more regular daily blogging now that we’re are almost home!

12 thoughts on “Five airports in two days

  1. So glad that you’re back safe ‘n sound. No need to rush into blogging. Just sleep ….. and sleep ……. and sleep!! And rest too 🙂


    • Thanks heaps… resting ++++ has been the name of the game since arriving home in Adelaide!!! Oh, and spending time with Boris, who has missed us as much as we missed him… x


  2. Welcome home Kate. I think I felt the same way about NYC – wonderful in some ways, not so good in others (clothes on, clothes off, clothes on…) :o) I’m pleased you’re home safely and have achieved so much! I look forward to hearing more and you could consider Melatonin to help with the jet lag – it can really help….

    Take care 🙂


    • Thanlks so much Denise, It is fab to be home at last, 40+ hours flight and transit is a bit of a killer!! SOmeone else mentioned Melatonin whilst we were away, but I believe it cannot be purchased in Australia? Cheerx, Kate


      • Kate you certainly can buy Melatonin in Australia – it will just be low dose (typically 3mg). I take 3 of these at a time and of course you could discuss what’s right for you with your pharmacist. Alternatively GPs can prescribe and then give you access to a slow release version… I absolutely recommend it – it can be very helpful… I’ll look forward to your thoughts on it. Denise ;o)


  3. Hi Kate, I am so glad you enjoyed New York, It is one of my most favourite cities. Are you planning on attending the Hammond Care conference in Sydney by any chance?


      • Look forward to seeing you in Sydney. By the way you can buy melotonin in Aust. I used it for to help me sleep, it did not really make a difference as far as I could tell. There are lots of fors and against it when I did my research. You can buy it from a good health food store. The research on the internet is quite interesting.


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