A right royal tweet up


Who’d have thought

I’d be involved in such a thing

Motivating conference attendees to start tweeting

Spot the long suffering husbands

Sitting in the ADI2014 conference auditorium

Waiting patiently for rowdy wives to do their session

Social media for improving dementia care

Helping to increase the revolving doors between

Researchers and patients

That treacherous and confronting place

When they know we have to have a voice

And they have to listen

And there is no stopping it, not any more

Not ever, not now they have been taught

About the power of social media

By the #TTG and her apprentice!

9 thoughts on “A right royal tweet up

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  2. Good luck to you all, your an inspiration to the rest of us, around the world. It’s so nice to see all the photographs on the internet. Enjoy the rest of the conference.


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