At least I’m communicating with real people…

imaginary friend cartoonThe funny thing that happened whilst we were away is that I discovered my husband playing some ridiculous war game on his iPad. I’d forgotten he’s always loved playing online Solitaire and other games, and used to play XBox games with our boys.

Now, you might ask, why even bother to write about this, but he gives my a lot of stick about spending time online, especially on twitter and Facebook, or online in general, with a mild air of self-righteousness, as if everything he does on the pc or iPad is far more meaningful, and for his work.

So when I saw him sitting in bed ‘working’ on his iPad when we were in New York, with a very conscientious look of concentration on his face, and eventually realised he was playing a game… I commented with this;

“At least I’m communicating with real people with I’m online…” And better than that, many are no longer my imaginary or axe murdering friends.

14 thoughts on “At least I’m communicating with real people…

  1. My weakness is Angry Birds!!

    Kate – I am currently studying the UTAS Multiple On-line course about dementia. I am finding it fascinating. Thank you for educating me (us) on your experiences and please keep the thoughts coming.


    David (Bournemouth, UK)


  2. Am hoping for your sake Kate that this game isn’t ‘Clash of Clans’ – my BF has been addicted to that for over a year, and most of his work-mates are too!!! #koalahugs xx

    PS: Your reaction is the same as mine!! πŸ™‚


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