My imaginary friends

The real gift of dementia: my imaginary friends

The real gift of dementia: my imaginary friends


My imaginary friends

Gill BethyB and Shibley

Friendly and fanciful chats online

Discovered through our blogs

Pulled together by a shared passion

A dream to improve dementia care.

Plans for a lunch meeting

Honoured they have made such an effort to meet

Sons will be thrilled they are real and not axe murderers

One husband put in his place as we’re real!

No imaginary friends in this wonderful lot

Just loads more to meet and tweet

January 2014 on some of their calendars

Already tempting us to do it again.

Reigniting a dream to meet all of my online friends

Vanessa in France, VK in the USA

Bonds of friendship

Reaching to the stars.

16 thoughts on “My imaginary friends

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  7. The beauty of living in the light is that there is no fear of others. Why should there be as we all live from our hearts and share our love knowing we are all one. The only creepy people hide in the shadows of 3D and live in the disturbing world of illusion and greed and what’s in it for me mentality. That is where the ax murders live. So continue on your journey Kate with no fears. Once we are plugged into our guts and not being distracted we can feel our way successfully through the world of light. Blessings and love and so glad you had a fabulous time 🙂 VK xxoo


  8. Delighted that we were found innocent of being ‘creepy evil dudes’ here in England 😉 I have just read Kate’s lovely poem and am feeling really emotional as she flies back to Australia, wondering how and where we will meet next time – because there WILL be a next time, Kate.

    I just said to the suitably chastened ‘Mr Whose Shoes?’ (he who said last weekend “Have a good time with your imaginary friends,” as I set off for London) that I so wish Kate did not have dementia. As, of course, we all do, particularly you people in Australia who are Kate’s wonderful family and friends – we can feel the warmth from here.

    Colin reminded me that we would not otherwise have met and this is the wonder of life for me. Life brings us such a mix of experiences, good and bad, but wonderful people like Kate grab life by the … (I’m thinking of your unforgettable joke here, Kate!) and make people smile and laugh and connect wherever she goes.

    God bless you, Kate. Soul-mate. Love you to bits 🙂 xx


    • My dear friend Gill… I feel exactly the same way, and if being diagnosed with dementia means I meet such amazing and loving people like you, Beth and Shibley. I’m also very confident all my/our other imaginary friends will be just as beautiful WHEN, not if we meet.
      Take great care, and send my love to your dear husband too…
      Love and hugs,
      Kate xox


  9. One of the great blessings of this world-wide-web is that we can develop friendships with those thousands of miles away. We can discover that people are all the same no matter where they live. We all laugh and cry, we all worry and care for the same things. Yes, there are still creepy evil dudes out there. But they live across the street as well as on the web.


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