Becoming a serious blogger and writer!!!

“1,000 Posts!

22 thoughts on “Becoming a serious blogger and writer!!!

  1. Hello Kate. I have only discovered you today and wonder if you might be able to help me please? I want to blog, to write, to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences with people ‘out there’, but I just keep failing when I try to start a blog. How do I blog? My email address is
    I’ve enjoyed having a look at some of your writing and have enjoyed reading it! I hope that you don’t mind me writing to you and I hope you will get in touch. Many thanks. Colette


    • The best thing to do… especially if you have a WordPress blog already set up, is to keep doing their tutorials untiol you get te hang of it! From setting one up, to writing beqyond the first blog that WordPress sets up for you, it took me about three months, and these days, I regularly have to re-do the various tutorials about how to do things,even posting a blog… just get going, set yourself a daily writing goal as the habit of writing is really helped by that, find your voice, be brave and have fun. II often see at around the three month mark, bloggers get a lot of negative feedback, and I see that many stop blogging… Keep in mind, what you write and think is your business, and people don’t have to agree with it… if they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it!


  2. Dear Kate, it is a thought provoking journey to follow your blog. You are heart warming, genuine and sincere. I am truly blessed to know you and to be able to call you my friend.


  3. Congratulations Kate! A fantastic achievement! In addition to your 1000 posts, I’m sure your writing has inspired many more posts by other bloggers 🙂


  4. Congratulations Kate! I think I’m on about 15 so a long way to go. But, as ever, you’re an inspiration. I also loved what you said about the art of writing: do it honestly. Otherwise it’s simply not worth a jot is it? Much love – and onward and upwards. xx


  5. Wow! 1000 blogs 🙂 Congratulations Kate – and well done Pete for highlighting this important landmark 😉 But it is the quality of your writing that is the really special thing – really thought-provoking topics, wonderful honesty and deep humanity. Keep blogging my dear friend and keep challenging us all to be better people! xox


  6. Congratulations Kate – keep up the wonderful thoughts and inspirations; and who cares if you piss someone off? It’s YOUR thoughts and experiences that matter to you and the people who follow you. You should feel proud that you’ve achieved so much. xx


  7. Keep blogging my friend….It has been an amazing journey on so many levels. So glad we crossed paths! Congrats for staying with it 🙂 Happy weekend…Blessings…VK xxoo


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