My dementia dream…

advocacy 2When I discovered

People with dementia did not have a voice

I had a dream

When I experienced

The stigma, discrimination and isolation of dementia

I had a dream

When I realised that most of the support available was for carers

And what support was available to people with dementia

Was overtaken by others

I had a dream

A group of by and for people with dementia

Dreamed of by many with dementia

An authentic voice

No longer others making decisions for us

Or about us

Without us

No-one telling us what it is like

To live with dementia

Or what is best for us

Without first asking us

I had this dementia dream

Many had the same dream

Dementia Alliance International

Is part of that dream

The dream to support and empower

Other people with dementia

To speak up


For our lives right now

And for our futures

Together as one

12 thoughts on “My dementia dream…

  1. You’re so good at your advocacy – and I’ve read that now you’re even going to be writing and publlishing a BOOK on the topic!!! Congratulations!!!!


  2. Inspirational poem – well done Kate! Will re-blog this tomorrow to share your fantastic dream… now quickly becoming a reality as we find more and more like-minded people from across the world who believe in the ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ vision! xox


  3. Nice work Kate. Got told again today – during my presentation on why its crucial that people with dementia have a voice – that “it’s all about people with dementia – no-one thinks about the carers” Very Hard to give polite and measured response, I think I may have pulled a muscle in my soul trying to do so.


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