22 thoughts on “The daily blog

  1. Oh my goodness….I would truly miss you, but if it feels right for you to do so, I stand behind you 100 %…I do think it is good for you to challenge yourself with it, but needing your own time too is so important! Either way I still love you Kate 🙂 Love and hugs…. VK


    • Love you too VK… and I would still be with you on your blog, so we would stay connected for sure, and if you stop, then we have email of course, what my kids call snail mail! love and hugs to you too xox


  2. Yes. You would miss the exchange of ideas from your friends if you did not write as often as possible and then what would you do? Try to keep going….remember the reason you first started writing a daily blog….could you manage without? 🙂


  3. Although I love reading your blog, if you have a book project this should take priority. Know what I mean? What do you think?

    What you COULD do is a weekly blog entry just telling us how you are ….. like a chatty one rather than any advocacy etc. That way it would be easier for you give you’d be very busy doing other writing. And we would still have some “connection” with you.

    Look after yourself ….. YOU are the main priority here!!! 🙂


    • Thanks my friend… I think I’m busy justifyi8ng to myself it’s actually ok not to blog daily, or at all even if that became my choice… time out when I feel it is needed, time out for other things, time out to lay on a beach, time out for coffee with friends… they are all good reasons! x


      • You’re very right Kate. If it’s taking you a while to feel confortable with the idea of blogging less, what i do in these situations is right a list of all the reasons why I want to do something and just sit and read it and read it until i remember it and accept it. Maybe you can do something like this. Know what I mean?


      • I’m slowly getting used to not blogging daily (or at least not feeling guilty for not blogging daily!!) and am relaxing into the idea of writing when it feels right, which is obviously not every day anymore! thanks for your ideas. 🙂


  4. You do what’s best for you Kate, we will support you whatever. It’s a huge commitment writing daily! Take care xx


  5. Dear heart,

    If I were trying to study & submit assignments that I could be satisfied with, I would have to let something go for a while. Not forever a while. So although many of us look forward to your blog every day we can go back & read past blogs, drool over recipes & checkout links you’ve posted. We won’t be forgetting you so do what you need to do – in your customary dynamic manner.


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