Words about words

This is the video recording of a recent Webinar hosted by A Meeting of the Minds, as part of our advocacy and collaboration with Dementia Alliance International and others. Our topic was specifically the language being used globally around dementia, and the impact it can have on people with dementia.

Copyright: Dementia Alliance International and A Meeting of the Minds 2014.

2 thoughts on “Words about words

  1. Kate, I understand that Alzheimers Australia is preparing a discussion paper on preferred language. Do you have further details?

    My partner Veda has FTD/LPA diagnosed 2 years ago. She prefers to describe her condition as “aphasia” to people in the community whom she doesn’t know. We will both be participating in an Alzheimers Australia community pilot project in a few weeks, doing a joint “Q n’A” presentation on what it’s like to be living with dementia.

    We’d welcome your thoughts.

    Cheers, Lynda Henderson and Veda Meneghetti


    • Hi Lynda and Veda,
      Yes I have been involved in helping them, along with many other consumers – carers and people with dementia, as well as professioanls. Regarding the use of the wor dementia – there has been a conversation about this in many countries, and I believe most are sticking with the term, and in fact, ensuring that Alzheimer’s Disease becomes known as one of about 100 types or casues of dementia. What individuals and their families use is always up to them; I have contact with many people who have not told their friends or family they have been diagnosed with dementia at all, and others, like me, ‘came out’ straight away.
      Please feel free to contact me via the contact form on this website if you want to chat away from here about it.
      Take care,


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