The Cancerian Club

cancerianFirstly, Happy Birthday to my youngest son Charles!

He is obviously Cancerian, and as I am too, we are attending the annual Adelaide Cancerian Club lunch today, for our fourth time. My mother turned 80 in late June, and therefore is also a Cancerian, and as a special gift for her birthday, I bought her a ticket to attend her first Cancerian Club lunch.  It is also the club’s 21st birthday. This year for the first time there will be three generations (us) attending, and at our 21st birthday, my 80-year-old mother will be a virgin (her first Cancerian Club lunch)!!

It is a fun event, where we also raise money for a chosen charity each year, and most of the day, conversations commence with a simple (and eventually humourously repetitive) “Happy birthday ____”! The virgins have to start the day, by introducing themselves and telling us their birth date, if not their age. I’ll add an image or two after we get home, perhaps even one of mum making her virgin speech, as well as one of the three of us!

Both of my sons are the sunshine in my heart, and bring me the greatest joy I have ever experienced. Today, because it is his birthday, I’ll add a poem I wrote some years ago about my youngest son…


My son is born
A new day begins
In love with his tiny face
His perfect soul
No poem
No music
No words
Will ever describe
The loveliness of this child
My beautiful son Charles





3 thoughts on “The Cancerian Club

  1. 🙏Namaste. This is Hari, 55, from India. Born on 16th July. Though I love and proud of my INFJ like traits, I don’t wish anybody to be another Cancerian and lead a life (?) like me. I wish all humans a happier life with all dreams fulfilled. A lot to write. Let’s meet again if our relationship continues beyond time and patience. All the best. Love you all. 🌿


  2. Ah yes…The beauty of Cancer beings 🙂 My son turned 34 just yesterday(17th)…He is a wonderful soul as are all the Cancers I know. Happy B’day to you all. Hope you guys had fun! Blessings and love…VK xxoo


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