18 thoughts on “Our 21st birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to you all, I am also a UTAS MOOC person a great course. I’m from East Anglia, UK, my mum is in late stage Alzhiemer’s I gave up work 3 years ago now, as her full time carer, things are slowing improving, compared to 14 years ago when my Farther inlaw also had Alzhiemer’s .Your doing a great job, very interesting blog, Thanks Martin


  2. Kate – sure you’re 21!!! You’re 21 with 35 years experience!! 😉 At least that’s my way of thinking about birthdays!!

    (if you were really “as young as you feel” then unfortunately I’d be turning 100 or thereabouts!!)


  3. What a gorgeous photo. Is that your son and mum, Kate? They both look absolutely wonderful. But are you really old enough to have a son that old?!? 🙂 xx


  4. A very happy birthday, and many happy returns to – The Cancerian Club, beautiful son, Nana and the beautiful son’s mother. What a lovely group, and what a wonderful opportunity to celebrate together. I wish you all joy and peace for the future.


  5. I see parallels between the world and regional loss that we are going through right now. We are all fortunate – those who are not in immediate need regarding various life threatening disasters.

    I am here in Washington State, USA. We on the eastern side of the state are experiencing fires. Over 200 homes have already been burned to the ground.

    And, then there are 298 dead by an explosive attack on inocent people in Eastern Europe.

    Where I live, there is much smoke but no fire. The fire I feel in my heart is for peace and love. But, I am demented or do I just have dementia. What is dementia anyway?


      • Dearest George & Kate, you are both amazing!! I wish I could find words. You are both so eloquent. I am an RGN working in a ‘memory lane unit’ in Scotland & follow your blogs which I found through UTAS! Thank you. We are all slowly transforming. You’ll stay amazing! Xx


      • Today I took several photos of a magnificant sunset looking west from my home on Tower Mountain in Spokane Washington U.S.A.

        The sunset pictures barely portray the beauty of the sky as visible in personal 3D. The majesty and beauty however has been marred by its creator (or instigator) — FOREST FIRES which have just burned over 100 homes and are still out of control. The summer is still young and the fires are already causing havock in Washington State. I will try to find a way to display these pictures properly world wide. They are remarkable.

        As I sift through my world as a person with dementia perhaps I use the beauty of the sunset 100 miles away from the flames as a personal metaphor. I must concentrate on the beauty of the sunset pictures to continue. I feel that I should not even have these feelings in some ways. But, I do. —– George Watters


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