Loving our planet

Most of us say we love our planet, and this wonderful video by National Geographic usually makes everyone feel good about life and living, and yet, so many of us do not really ‘care’ for our planet in ways that will sustain it, nor in ways that will prevent animals like the ones in the video from becoming extinct. It is not just time to sit back, enjoy the music and footage and relax when we watch a video like this, but to all take action in saving our planet. I’ve not had a rant for a while (some might argue on this point!!)… Anyway, this it my rant for today!!! Sit back, relax, enjoy and take action in your own life that will help sustain our future.

6 thoughts on “Loving our planet

  1. Kate

    I don’t know if you are on Linked In, which is like Facebook for professionals, but on my Facebook page (David Wheeler) you can see a presentation I wrote for the Big Green Fortnight in Bournemouth, UK a few years ago called ‘We Can Save the Planet’. The story is written in a light manner for children and shows how they can challenge their peers to change their ways in order to help the Environment. It’s a bit of fun and if anyone would like a free Power Point presentation just please let me know.




  2. Kate, I’ve just got to ask; how often do you compose something one day and then be unable to understand what you wrote on the next day? I blogged an article on the term “Service User” and posted last night. Four different times during today I have attempted to read and understand what I wrote last night, unsuccessfully. After starting Aricept I regained the ability to read/understand up to 6th-grade — until today. Today I am back to where I was last year … and very discouraged. 😦


    • I’m not sure what to say… it is a never ending circle of achievement, then sometimes forgetfulness, frustration, and angst… I suppose I just keep going until I get there, or ask someone to help (my BUB usually), but perhaps our disabilities are different due to having a different type of dementia? Sending you huge hugs… it is so very different for everyone xox


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