4 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Australia Media Release

  1. Thanks Kate – I passed it onto my mother to tell my Aunt who has early/mid Alzheimers – but unfortunately it won’t work because she can’t write much anymore and cant sign her name ……. so it won’t work for everyone with Alzheimers! I’m sure you know what I mean …….

    I’ve had to use lots of memory techniques to remember my passwords ….. and I was caught once when the bank asked me for extra identifying codes ….. and I didn’t even know what they were talking about!! ggrr!!!


    • I also have terrible trouble with passwords. My entire desk is covered with papers concerning nuances of my different passwords. I continually work on strategies to keep secure while no longer being able to pass things into short term memory. I would like to have one password — not probable in this day and age.


      • I hear you loud and clear George!!! And to make it harder, we are not meant to use any dates or clues from family birthdays, or apparently the banks won’t cover us if we are Scammed…


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