Updated DAI Media Release

Day 19: Dementia Awareness Month 2014

DAI Mast#35DC0DI have just realised I posted a media release as a new page, rather than a blog earlier this month! Oh well, at least it was here, although not properly highlighted to everyone following my blog, sorry.

It was to remind you of the Master Classes and our online Cafe Le Brain being run by Dementia Alliance International as part of our activities for Dementia Awareness Month 2014, that were commencing later that week.

For September 2014, DAI has been offering the following Master Classes — for people with dementia, taught by people with dementia. Master Classes are offered over the Internet and are free to attend (donations welcome). We have Master Class 4 and a Webinar left to present next week, and I have included the links to register. The first three links are to the recordings of Master Classes 1, 2 and 3 for you to view at your leisure.

September 3/4:  I’ve Just Been Diagnosed. What’s Next?

September 10/11: My Conversation with My Doctor.

September 17/18: Advocacy and Speaking Out (link to be provided ASAP).

Still to be presented:

September 24: My Conversation with My Family. Click here for class times, class description, and to register.

September 23 and 26th: A Meeting of the Minds – Dispelling the myths of dementia.Register here for the USA on 23 September and Register here for the one in the Australian time zone on 26 September.


You are very welcome to respectfully join this global conversation.

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