5 thoughts on “See the person… not the dementia

  1. Sometimes it’s too difficult to not see the dementia, and not let it overcome you.

    If I saw a 90 year old, staring blankly into space with an expression-less face, I would only see dementia and I would be so sad for the gentleman. So sad. But that’s MY reaction because that’s the way I feel about the disease in it’s final stages. Others will be different, sure. But I doubt my reactions will ever change.


  2. Oh so true. It should be that way with every affliction people are forced to deal with. They are still the same beautiful people underneath, even stronger for finding the will to go on and over come it! Blessings and love to you friend…VK


  3. we’ve been working in the UK for over 10 years developing projects with the express aim of getting people to see “the person, not the dementia” … our most recent project Soul Journey has involved working closely with 4 x members of our creative dementia group … to give them time and space to articulate some of their concerns about being “lost” and “unheard” in the debate that surrounds them. the film and the accompanying exhibition (which is touring public venues around the UK) attempts to engage the general public directly .. to see the person – “Look up, Look out, who I am is here!” … please have a look at the film and share with as many contacts as possible: https://vimeo.com/105216846


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