Writers block

writers blockSince I have signed a contract for a book, I have had a minor dose of what I can only think must be writer’s block! I will definitely get it finished, and I have had a lot of very valid excuses not to complete it; for example, some other health issues, some deaths in our circle of friends, and I am at the tail end of completing a Masters of Science in Dementia Care at the University of Wollongong, with only a couple of weeks to have everything in. On top of that, I am now in paid employment, another committment to not only my time, but my ability to function. Hmmmm… excuses, excuses, excuses…

Some common causes of writer’s block include the following;

  • Timing: It’s simply not the right time to write, or you are too busy
  • Fear: Many writers struggle with being afraid, with putting their ideas (and themselves) out there for everyone to see and critique. I’m pretty sure fear is a major reason some writers never become published writers.
  • Perfectionism: You want everything to be just right before you ever put pen to paper or touch a keyboard. It is never perfect… you just have to trust that TODAY it is good enough, otherwise you will never begin, nor submit anything!
  • Discipline: You are probably not being disciplined enough, or treating it like a real job, with the same respect and committment you would give  a ‘real’ job

Go forth and write, or paint, or sing, or whatever it is that floats your boat, and if you enjoy it, then do it, as often as you can.

9 thoughts on “Writers block

  1. Kate –

    I’m worried about everything you’re commiting yourself to ……. you are someone who loves keeping busy and, achieving things you set out to do ……. but by doing so much you may be ‘stressing’ your body / putting it under too much stress. I’m just always wary of this because my neurological disease was autoimmune …. caused by the stress I was putting my body under at the time.

    You’ve got other health issues ……. hope they’re not serious (hig hug)
    You’ve got paid employment? Wow! Congratulations!! You haven’t mentioned it on the blog …… you’ll have to blog about it 🙂 (hint hint)

    Please don’t take on toooo much …. look after yourself!! (OK lecture is over!)


    • Thanks for the lecture (with love)… re paid work, I have bloggede about it, but perhaps should again… can’t remember when, probably early September not long after it started… take care x


  2. With all you do Kate and the way you write and lay out your thoughts… You are amazing. People often ask me why I don’t get a job writing and I always tell them I can write until the cows come home, but make it a job where I am expected to deliver in a time frame and all the free flow goes right out the window. When I am stuck I read other blogs and pick up ideas and run with them in my own direction. You’ll get back into it! What’s the book? Happy weekending dear friend…VK xxoo


  3. Kate, “Too busy!” Too many distractions. To write your biography requires your oversight and awareness of the total story, as well as clarity of focus on the what, where and when, as your story unfolds. Distractions cause static, interference and stress.

    You do have the courage – fear does not daunt you; you are a perfectionist, which is why you raise the question; and you do not lack self-discipline. Just sort out priorities, and allocate your time, to find a better fit, so there’s less interference. You can and you will. And our world will be the richer for it.


  4. you are 100% correct Kate, making the time and not having an excuse to do it is part of the human gene. I offered to do a friends BAS yesterday instead of cleaning the grill. I ended up cleaning the grill, the house and other things other than do what it was I wanted to do. Love your work, can’t wait for your book xxx


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