14 thoughts on “Choir for people with dementia

  1. Kate, as usual, an inspiring story. Thanks again. I have used music at numerous times in my various roles and have seen amazing things happen. We should never underestimate anyone’s capacity to respond to something so beautiful and creative. Stay well and have a lovely Christmas.


  2. Kate I love the sound of this. I have, on a handful of occasions sat singing with residents individually. (I’m worse than terrible at it but I give myself 10 out of 10 for trying hah!)One particular woman who had dementia and was deaf and used a white board to communicate, was particularly agitated one day when I was walking through the lounge area. She was immobile and ‘nursed’ in a water chair. Her agitation often manifested as vocal repetitive sounds. I asked the staff if there had been any possible triggers and they gave various comments to the contrary. This was last Christmas and I had just seen the video clip of Naomi Feil singing so I thought to myself right just put this embarrassment behind you and try it. I asked “Ann” if she liked to sing, “Yes” she nodded so I wrote Jingle Bells on her board. Before long we were running out of songs to sing. She knew more lines in all the songs than I did and others (residents AND staff) joined in and applauded at the end. “Ann” looked so happy and content, I wished so much I could recreate that scene and record it for training. However I had forgotten about it until now and you’ve given me food for thought. Thanks, as always Ax


  3. At out center we have a robust program for Early Stage Memory Loss. We have a Song Circle choir and have just started a book discussion (essays, poems and short stories) at our local library. We also have partnership with a local Theatre for support and Improv classes for our participants.

    It all works to form a joyous community!


    • Sounds great… although I do wish Memory Loss would disappear from the name of programs supporting people with dementia, as it is not all about memory loss, and in fact, some do not have it at all. Just a thought…


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