Starting 2015 with some fun…

Christmas-2015-Calendar-Countdown-Printable-Pictures-Images-Photos-WallpaperYes, I thought I’d kick the year off with a calendar and some fun instead of a bang!! In fact, I didn’t stay up to see or hear any of the fireworks last night, and have never done so in my 56 years. Boring that may seem, but considering how many people were injured from fireworks last night in Australia alone, it seems safer. However, I have just joined Shibley online to bring in the new year in the UK!

What I’m going to blog about to celebrate the new year is not a homework funny, but the result of our eldest sons sense of humour! When our boys were quite young, we started family meetings and the notion of personal responsibility, including making their own lunches for school. This was going well, until some years later (we are a bit slow?!) we realised the loaf of bread they would take out of the freezer was being left out and going stale, and so they’d start a new loaf. Instead of just taking out the number of frozen slices they needed, they’d take out the whole loaf, then the next day, start again as what was left of that one would be stale!!

Rather than fuss too much over this minor glitch in life, my dear husband decided each weekend to make the weeks sandwiches and freeze them so the boys simply had to grab them from the freezer each morning, and from his perspective, we were not being left with a load of stale bread. For him it was the simplest solution, and I was perhaps too busy around that time to get too involved. Our boys did a lot of household and outside jobs, and were reasonably responsible and very easy to get along with, so quibbling too much over stale bread or sandwiches seemed a bit petty and pathetic.

Things were going well or at least we thought so, until one day we found this note in the freezer… Registering the sandwiches we found out, simply meant labelling them!!!



16 thoughts on “Starting 2015 with some fun…

  1. Happy New Year Kate and thank you so much for your wise and inspiring words.

    I hope 2015 does bring peace and cooperation with the world, 2014 ended with much sadness for many especially reflecting on the tragedy of the Martin Place Sydney event.

    take care and I look forward to your blog

    fond regards

    Anne M


  2. Oh Kate! Never having had children myself. I find that to be hysterical, what a well thoughtbout solution on your sons part. I made it until 8:15 p.m. last night, so no fear of injury from anything. Hope you had a wonderful day.


  3. Haha love that story,. Hope you have had a lovely quiet new year day.we only made it to 11.15pm i zonked to lol love you see you wed afty the 7th .that still a date i hope dear you xxxxx


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