$46 million announced for early career dementia researchers

Professor John McCallum, Dementia Research, has informed me of the latest research initiative in Australia, and asked for as many of his colleagues to share as possible. As I’ve not written or published a blog since New Years Day (yikes, that is 7 days ago!!), and my usual almost-daily blogging has come to a complete standstill whilst I complete my book, I thought it was timely to post this today.

Although my key focus is not research for a cure, but for research into better care and non pharmacological and positive psychosocial interventions for dementia, finding a cure would also, of course, be brilliant!

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Australian Research Council (ARC) wish to inform us of the opening of a joint $46M dementia fellowships initiative to increase research capacity in dementia as part of the Boosting Dementia Research Initiative. This joint NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellowships Scheme will provide opportunities for postdoctoral researchers to undertake advanced training in the health, medical, fundamental sciences, social, economic and cultural fields relevant to dementia, in Australia and overseas.

A key objective of the scheme is to support the best early career dementia researchers and also attract scientists from other fields into dementia research to encourage a multidimensional approach. I therefore encourage you to communicate this important funding opportunity to a wide cohort of researchers in your networks.

Applications close at 5pm AEDT on 11 March 2015 and further information can be found on the NHMRC website.

The information I have posted has been taken from their website, although you will need to go there to read it in full.

“The Australian Government announced as part of the 2014 Budget an additional $200 million over five years to boost Australia’s dementia research capacity. Further detail: Budget Paper No. 2, Part 2: Expense Measures – Health

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), working in close collaboration with the Australian Research Council (ARC) on capacity building, is also delivering a series of initiatives to prioritise and fund vital new dementia research projects and translate research to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for dementia patients, their carers and communities.

The Boosting Dementia Research initiative incorporates two main components over five years:

$150 million is allocated to urgently scale up dementia research to accelerate progress towards finding preventions, treatments and cures for dementia. It includes $26 million of Australian Research Council funding research focused on the social, economic and cultural impacts and complex consequences of dementia. It involves:

  • additional large scale research projects in priority areas of dementia using relevant NHMRC schemes ($95 million);
  • research focusing on dementia prevention and treatment at the Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research ($9 million); and
  • dramatic expansion of research capacity in dementia and by building the future research workforce ($46 million).

$50 million is allocated to target, co-ordinate and translate the national research effort to ensure existing and new research translates into better care for dementia patients. A new NHMRC National Institute for Dementia Research will be established to prioritise and boost dementia research in Australia and provide the focus to rapidly translate evidence into policy and practice. The Institute will ensure integration with international research and draw on the expertise of researchers, consumers, health professionals, industry and policy makers to improve dementia prevention, treatment and care outcomes.”

Follow the link for further information on the NHMRC website.

8 thoughts on “$46 million announced for early career dementia researchers

  1. An excellent way to start a new year – lets hope this encourages and challenges some positive fresh innovation through evidence based research.
    I did try to have a look at the expressions of interest Kate but I think the page online is out of date as it is dated 2014 and the close for REQI is 10am 17/11/2014.
    I shall however pass this info on to as many of my contacts as I can.
    Cheers and smiles as always beautiful lady.x


  2. Hello beautiful Kate, I recently completed a certificate Dementia course through wicken uni of Tasmania online, I also work in a hospital & occasionally have the pleasure of very briefly interacting with these beautiful people (the mothers/fathers/grandparents … Of children alike) I recognise & see how important it is to give them the respect/dignity & care they deserve … Sadly that holistic approach seems to disappear when people lose their capacity & ability to fight for themselves… I know what this can be like. It was through the dementia course that I found my way to you & your blog, I think you are Amazing Kate – this news is very exciting & I am happy for the opportunities it may bring. Take good care of you xxx


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