Poem by Mick Carmody

TulipsIt feels a little like I’m flying my own flag today, as I am adding this poem written about me, but it is to thanks, and is in honour of my friendship with Mick Carmody who is living with dementia and his wife Sue; Mick is already a very valued and active member of Dementia Alliance International.

You can register for our next online monthly cafe here, and then Mick starts a weekly online support group on February 3rd – details for registration to follow soon.

Anyway, I feel I owe it to Mick to post this beautiful poem here, which when I woke up early yesterday to see it as I downloaded my emails, saw many tears of joy and friendship running down my cheeks. My goal this year is to tell everyone I love them, as often as is possible, without it being sickening! Mick, thanks for loving me, I love you both right back! He added it to his own blog yesterday as well. Thanks a bunch Mick xoxox


Kate is a special friend to one and all

Her accomplishments should make her stand ten feet tall

Advocating for people with dementia is time-consuming and at times must be hard for her and her family as well

At times confronting and so it should be, backed with facts and figures for her to tell

Not afraid to take them all head on, I am sure even the President of the USA, would shake in his boots as well he should

Every day for Kate consists of being at another meeting in a different country or any of our states, I am sure Kate would fit more in if

she could

Kate is well liked by all, an inspiration to us all and just goes to show what someone living with Dementia can achieve day by day

Keep up the good work Kate, in my eyes you are a saint, without you giving me a reason to live, get out of bed each day I would be saying, what will I be doing today

Determination, Inspiration, education and compassion almost sums you up Kate Swaffer

10 thoughts on “Poem by Mick Carmody

  1. I know I’m repetitive but you are my inspiration. You have taught me and countless others that our world does not end with our diagnosis and was my original thought. Thank You Kate!


  2. That’s a fantastic poem Kate. You are an inspiration to so many people. Keep up the great work and take time out to enjoy time with your generous husband who shares you with so many others. Xxx

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