On being an orphan


Sadness on the inside

Smothering your soul

Like particles of red dirty dust

Layers of wretchedness






Unable to show love


Showing too much love



Desperate for any form

Of unconditional love

Unexpected feelings of yearning

Wishing it was not so

11 thoughts on “On being an orphan

  1. Sounds like my day. So lonely. So illogical. So misunderstood. So wrong. Incomprehensible. And yes, showing too much love. Despair. Tears.
    Then, courage and hope rise again.


  2. Hi Kate, I wish I had the way with words like you. Your writings are so thought provoking and give us so much to “take away” for the day. “On being an orphan”, I felt was also so true of the feelings very often felt by Carers
    We have feelings of being, not alone but of being lonely. Being a Carer I believe is a privilege but as those with Dementia, we have a kaleidoscope of feelings so try and manage. xox


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