20 thoughts on “To my friends

  1. Hi Kate,
    What a world we would be if we could all be more sensitive and caring of one another! My heart goes out to you in your grief. All any of us can do is support another and we are lucky to have you there advocating for all those who have dementia and care for those with dementia. Look after yourself and know you are in the thoughts of many.


  2. You have taught me so much but mostly to be oneself and to continue to help others. Our dementia alliance international group has offered education, empathy and friendship. Thank you for the role you have played in this and continue to. With love and admiration…


  3. I’m so sorry you’re having (unneeded) troubles …… I don’t know what it is but it sounds like it was out of your control and pretty upsetting. I’m sooo sorry. I’m really glad that you have some friends that you can count on at a time like this. A big hug for you!!


  4. Be our sister anyday, Kate….in fact you already are in a sense, dear woman.
    BTW both Veda and I are orphans now. Other family stuff can and does still hurt, however.
    Don’t know about you, but over the years I’ve found that when I lost someone I dearly loved my subconscious somehow stirred my belly on “anniversary” days. Now that I’m more used to their loss it’s places, music, a scent that brings them flooding back when I least expect it. Grief is a strange companion.
    Don’t waste your energy on bad karma or self-serving bloggers.
    We love you and can hardly wait to see your bright eyes again. L n’V xx


    • I feel like one of your sisters anyway… and am delighted to be one!
      And as you say, grief is a strange companion. I often think grief over someone who is still alive, is far more challenging – and never seems to go to bed – than when someone dies. Sort of like divorce with children… a death, but if it is an unpleasant breakup, and you have to bring up children, it can feel like a death, but with the coffin still kicking… there is probably a whole book in me about grief, and one of the early chapters in my book is a longer one about grief in general, but more specificaly and dementia. Kx


  5. So sad your family has once again been prepared to sacrifice love, loyalty & respect for self-interest. Thank god you have many adoptee sisters, mums, brothers who love you to the end. Pox on the others! xxxx

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  6. Hi Kate, Now I do feel guilty. I thoughy something was wrong the other day when I asked were you ok and then you spend all week on setting p our flights etc. Thank you but as I said I feel very guilty. I was going to ring and I now know I should have .
    Thinking of you always
    Mick and Sue


  7. Strange…I just posted a reply and it never came up. What is WP up to now? Hang in there Kate…Most everybody is encountering tough times right now. The end times always promised a rough road ahead before we gained our freedom. We are all there now trying to wade through the muck. If we stay together and share our support with one another we will all get through these times. Keep looking for the good in all the bad, it’s always there to offer us lessons to grow by. Sending hugs and love…VK ❤


  8. Hang in there my friend….Tough times are occurring with most everyone these days. The end times before our freedom always promised us tough times ahead. We will all get through this if we stay together and share our support with one another. Keep looking for the good in the bad. It’s always there with lessons for us to learn and grow by…Sending hugs and love…VK ❤


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