15 thoughts on “The acquisition of memories

  1. Kate, have you blogged about the right (or not) to die, assisted suicide, and or any other end-of-life issues? I looked in your tags but couldn’t find anything related.

    I’m writing a blog post on this after reading this story about a BC nurse who was “diagnosed” with Alzheimer’s disease in 1999, and soon after made a very clear written declaration about her end-of-life wishes:


    The audio of the interview may be found here: http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/episode/2015/02/12/ukraine-former-us-ambassador-obama-isis-congressman-aboriginal-adoptee-and-more/

    Her husband and daughter have appealed a court decision saying that the nursing home in which she has lived for the past four years or so has the right to keep feeding her, even though in her wishes she clearly stated that she would not want to live if she became as severely disabled as she is.

    Your thoughts?


    • Hi Susan,
      I’ve written quite a lot about that, but maybe am to so good with my tags!
      I believe in a persons right to choose, and know of the case you have referred me to, and am angry on the persons behalf. How dare staff in a nursing home do that, although I know all too often this happens. When my father in law was dying, the first three times, against our and his wishes, he was shipped off to hospital for IV antibiotics – the last time, we had to physically prevent this from happening. But taking them to court, for most, is too costly, and too emotionally traumatic.
      The fact that PCC, or even good care is still the exception and not the norm, is of course, very worrying…


      • thanks Kate. As I’m relatively new to your blog, I missed those articles. However, I will use the search button and see if I can find what you’ve written before which I’m sure I can. That said, thanks for the synopsis.

        What steps if any have you taken personally to ensure that your end-of-life wishes are carried out? And would you be willing to share what your wishes are?

        I totally agree with you that good care is the exception rather than the rule and that it’s extremely worrying.

        Thanks again.


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