To my husband


Happy wedding anniversary

To the love of my life

My best friend

My Back Up Brain

The reason I work so hard

To stay afloat by paddling

You are my rock

And the army beside me

Watching and protecting

Yet allowing me to shine in my own light

We are aware of each others shadows

Our light and dark

And the water running down your neck

On the way to Parwana!

Thanks you for being my husband

And my Valentine

18 thoughts on “To my husband

  1. Still having my blog catch up!! How lovely that your anniversary is on Valentine’s Day, very romantic!! I wasn’t a fan of Feb 14 until I met Graham, so it only goes to show what the love of a good man can do!! Hope you & Peter had a lovely celebration together and wishing you many, many more xx


  2. Happy anniversary you guys 🙂 Hope you have plans for a great day together. Wishing the very best for you both and many, many more years together to follow…Sending hugs and love your way down under 🙂 VK ❤


    • Thanks VK… loads to you to, and hope you are not too cold there, the exact opposite to us as it was 41 degrees celsius (105.8 degree Fahrenheit) yesterday, 46 (114.8 degree Fahrenheit)at my girlfriends farm west of Adelaide! xox


  3. Ha,you are a pair.or pear,love your comments to one you both to bits n pieces lolol, and wouldnt have you any other you xxxxxxx


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