“Power is knowledge, knowledge is power!” Viewpoint from Chris Roberts

Thanks Chris Roberts for this blog, and Dementia Carers Voices for sharing it.

Dementia Carer Voices

This week we are delighted to be able to share Chris Roberts’ Viewpoint piece. Chris has kindly written for us once before, and we’re so pleased to be able to share an update on the wonderful work he’s doing with Dementia Alliance International. Thank you Chris!

I’m your average 53 year old man who cares about dementia awareness, but it has to be goodChris Roberts quality awareness, it has to be about promoting education about dementia because it is starting to touch us all, everyone is beginning to hear the word ‘dementia’ but not a lot of folk actually understand it and with over 850,000 people living with this illness in the UK we all need to know at least a little about it.

Power is knowledge, knowledge is power !

Firstly you can’t catch dementia, it’s a syndrome, a set of symptoms peculiar to any brain disease or injury, the…

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4 thoughts on ““Power is knowledge, knowledge is power!” Viewpoint from Chris Roberts

  1. This is great Kate.
    Most of the rigid stereotypical views we hear about dementia and people living with dementia are definitely definitely based on ignorance.
    We cannot blame people for fearing something they know little about, so raising awareness, providing education, guidance, support and advice is our way forward to promote a community and medical profession that is educated, compassionate and understanding.
    Cheers and smiles.x


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