A son sings a tribute for his father with dementia

Mahamera Se with English Subtitles

This is a song written and sung by the son of a lady I met at the summit yesterday, whose father had dementia. It is a tribute to his father. It shows the depth of anguish, the feelings of loss of his dad, and the love in his heart for his father.

5 thoughts on “A son sings a tribute for his father with dementia

  1. That is such a beautiful tribute to his Father Kate and thankyou so much for sharing-what a wonderful man he is for doing that-i am now inspired to do a video tribute(with pictures as i havent taken any videos of him yet)verbalising what happend-and what a loving and loveable man his Father was. All the things he has listed in there is so true and it is heartbreaking watching it happend and it makes us realise that we are not alone in our family battles with Dementia and other families are going through the same thing too. At least he had wonderful memories of his father during his childhood which is what has supported him during this tough time. Sadly now, my Grandad just sorts his “papers” out every day now, or thinks he is doing “legal work” or sits by the Tv-his quality of life has gone downhill dramatically-he is in respite care again currently and he hates it-i am visiting him tommorow. It is horrible seeing there personality decline and degenerate but fortunately for us he is still pretty calm and isnt a wonderful(yet)but that might change. Thanks again for posting this-those memories are sooo precious to hold on to forever💜


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