Feeling hopeful


Many days I am worried

And am often very cynical

Of ever seeing change

It is lonely and exhausting

And I feel like nothing will change

In my life time

And then something unexpected happens

That re-inspires me

Again motivates me to keep going

The time is now it seems

As after

The two days in Geneva

At the first WHO

Ministerial Conference on dementia

I am at last

Feeling hopeful

Hopeful I will see positive change

For the 47 million

People diagnosed with dementia

Currently living in the world

10 thoughts on “Feeling hopeful

  1. With people like you, passionate and committed, we’re sure it will happen! And until the day comes, poems so beautiful like this help to live better, happier… Thank your for sharing this poem, Kate… Have a nice Sunday 😀


  2. Whatever happens Kate, you can go to bed each night knowing that you tried your utmost to advocate for change. Not many people have such a positive influence in the world! (big hug)


  3. Hi Kate . I really hope there is going to be change. I must say there seems to be more mention of dementia in the UK on TV and radio than there has before. Even in the Soaps there is always somebody with dementia. Keep up with the campaign like we are doing in the UK. I must say you must be exhausted travelling all that way I don’t think I could have done that. xxx


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