Pre release book launch in London

brain treePlease join Dr Shibley Rahman and I at our Pre release book launch in London. If numbers become overwhelmingly high, we may need to change the venue, but, we won’t be changing the date!

Below is the current format for the afternoon, written by Shibley for the Eventbrite booking site, and which may be subject to change:

Event Details

Kate Swaffer (@KateSwaffer) and Dr Shibley Rahman (@legalaware), intend to do a joint book launch later this year.

Both books are being published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers later this year.

We request the pleasure of your company.

Please note that this is the final and settled date and venue for this event. Thanks very much for your patience while we have been resolving this.

There is, as such, no programme for this event; but attendance is by invitation only.

To request a ticket please sign up.

Please note that the last day for application for a ticket/tickets is June 27th; but the event will take place on July 11th 2015.

Refreshments will be available throughout.

We are in the very comfortable Arlington Centre which holds regularly such professional events.

The aim of this event is to launch two separate books by Kate Swaffer and Shibley Rahman.

It will be informal in approach. People from a diverse range of backgrounds have expressed an interest to attend, and this will be reflected on the day when guests will be encouraged to introduce themselves to one another.

While the programme is flexible, the afternoon will have two complementary prongs of attack.

One will be to establish the ‘macro’ environment of dementia policy around the world, as discussed in Shibley’s new book (currently schedule for July 21st 2015 publication date).

Kate’s book is wide ranging, including a life experience after receiving a diagnosis of dementia, but will reflect Kate’s much wider knowledge in dementia and other interests too.

We are hopeful that ‘highlights’ may include contributions by Dr Richard Taylor, a world ‘champion’ in issues to do with dementia living with dementia and who has written a Foreword to Kate’s book; and Chris Roberts, a ‘Dementia Friends Champion’, and who has written a Foreword to Shibley’s book. 

Also, Kate herself will be doing selected readings from her book (details below). This, I anticipate, will be the popular focus of the afternoon.

Please let Shibley ( know of any special requests for this afternoon (e.g. dietary requirements or other requests), and they will be considered by both Kate and Shibley. 

My sincere thanks to Shibley for getting this invitation up! I’ve never organised an event from such a distance, and feel slightly overwhelmed by it all, having never seen the venue, not knowing local caterers, etc! However, I do hope those of you able to, will join us.


Shibley’s Notes:

Kate’s book is called, “What the hell happened to my brain?”

Details are here.

Information about this book:

“Kate Swaffer was 49 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of young onset dementia. Here, she insightfully explores issues relating to that experience, such as giving up employment and driving, breaking the news to family, having a suddenly reduced social circle, stigma surrounding dementia and inadequacies in care and support. Kate also shares her experiences in dementia activism and advocacy, highlighting the important role of social media in combatting isolation post-diagnosis. Kate’s empowering words will challenge preconceptions on dementia, highlight the issues that impact individuals living with a dementia diagnosis, and act as a source of comfort for them and their loved ones. The book will also be of interest to dementia care professionals.”

Shibley’s book is called “Living better with dementia: looking forward to the future”, as a follow-up to his first book “Living well with the dementia: the importance of the person and the environment” which was received with critical acclaim.

Details are here.

Information about this book:

“What do national dementia strategies, constantly evolving policy and ongoing funding difficulties mean for people living well with dementia? Adopting a broad and inclusive approach, Shibley Rahman presents a thorough critical analysis of existing dementia policy, and tackles head-on current and controversial topics at the forefront of public and political debate, such as diagnosis in primary care, access to services for marginalised groups, stigma and discrimination, integrated care, personal health budgets, personalised medicine and the use of GPS tracking. Drawing on a wealth of diverse research, and including voices from all reaches of the globe, he identifies current policy challenges for living well with dementia, and highlights pockets of innovation and good practice to inform practical solutions for living better with dementia in the future. A unique and cohesive account of where dementia care practice and policy needs to head, and why, and how this can be achieved, this is crucial reading for dementia care professionals, service commissioners, public health officials and policy makers, as well as academics and students in these fields.”

Kate and Shibley have decided to make a limited number of tickets for this free event for this book launch available to all, but the event is generally by invitation only.

If you’d like you to be considered for one of these limited number of tickets, please do let us know.

Thanks and best wishes!

12 thoughts on “Pre release book launch in London

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! YES, I’M SHOUTING!!!!!!!!! Wow ….. you’re travelling to London for the book launch too!!!!! That says a LOT about the high regard they have of your book 🙂 🙂

    I hope it will be available for purchase everywhere online …. especially Book Depository since they have free postage!!! 😉


  2. I have two tickets in my hand- so excited to finally meet you Kate, we work alongside people with a diagnosis or concerns and we often refer to the contents of your blog during our sessions. We’d love to have a chat with you and can’t wait to meet you!


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