Day 1 #ADI2015 in Perth

IMG_2805Whilst it is technically Day 1 of #ADI2015, yesterday at 4pm the first official function was held which was a welcome for people with dementia and their supporters. This conference is perhaps a record breaking event for ADI and Alzheimer,er’s Australia, as there are currently almost 1100 registrations, and approximately 10% of the registered delegates for this conference are people living with dementia.

These are indeed, exciting times, and it has been fabulous to meet old friends, and make new ones, and this global community of people with dementia is becoming closely attached to each other.

For many, we are sometimes their only friends, and as a community and ‘family’ we become very close.

Dementia Alliance international has also got a record number of members in attendance, although only two of the original Board members are here, myself and John Sandblom. But again, we have a booth in the Exhibition hall, with t-shirts and poetry books for sale, and flyers and brothers for people to take with them. All funds made will go to support our very important work, that is, advocacy and support, of by and for people with dementia.  Tomorrow I’ll give you an update of the speeches and activities from Day 1 of the conference, and I hope to add a photo of our DAI booth in action!!

8 thoughts on “Day 1 #ADI2015 in Perth

  1. So proud to be afiliated….. Our support group had a shock today when our facilitator failed to show up. Apparently everyone was attending meetings in various hotels in downtown Vancouver. Feel sad, hurt, and angry. Why are we raising funds – ? Why are we verbally supporting the Alzheimers Society? Please ask my question of someone there with the Alzheimers Society?


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