Day 2 #ADI2015 in Perth

IMG_2806It has been a busy couple of days, and after four presentations, and a lot of other things to do I am feeling exhausted. However, we have a conference dinner tonight, which John Sandblom and I are making a supreme effort to attend in part to honour ADI and Glenn Rees in particular for their support of Dementia Alliance International.

The picture was taken of me with three other people living well with dementia, also presentating at this conference. Helga was a key note speaker also, and Chris and Tru gave excellent presentations in concurrent sessions today.

A few other people with dementia have also spoken, including Maxine, Gayle and Wendy, and tomorrow John Sandblom is representing DAI, and Mick Carmody is presenting on living well. These are exciting times for people with dementia, as we collectively come out of the woodwork and take on the world, refusing to be locked away, refusing to accept exclusion and discrimination, and 100% wanting a place at the dementia table.

The mantra, which began in the disAbility sector about 30 years ago, and taken on by the groups of people with dementia since 2000, started by DASNI, then the Scottish Dementia Working Group, is finally becoming a reality. It is no longer just a distant dream. Those of us living with dementia now, must say thanks to the pioneers like Richard Taylor, Christine Bryden and Peter Ashley, and many others, as we continue on the work they started.

We have managed to video a few of the presentations, and will upload them onto the DAI YouTube Channel as soon as possible, and next week the blog for DAI will be a wrap up about this conference. We have had some loyal supporters with us, in particular our colleague and friend, Shibley Rahman. Next week, Adelaide is going to rock!!!

12 thoughts on “Day 2 #ADI2015 in Perth

  1. I’m in tears.. but good tears. This is wonderful and I so wish I could have been there too and have met all of you. Please keep me posted on the when and how on any other ones coming up this year and next year, I truly want to meet all of you and be a part of such a huge success all of you are doing to support, spread awareness and fight for all of us with this disease .. and more. You are amazing and all of you have done is wonderful. Thank you my friend and thank you for letting me be a part of it all “virtually”. Please send my regards to Tru and John too. Enjoy and be sure to rest too! 🙂


  2. Kate, if i could remember how to tweet I would say…way to go! Since that is not yet in my skill set I hope you see my note of congratulations and gratitude to all of you here! All of you activists are an inspiration to me and many others. I am proud to know you!


    • Hahaha Pat, that really made me laugh! At least we can chat here, or on Facebook maybe?? Huge hugs and wish you were here like last year in Puerto Rico! Proud to know you too, and all of our ever increasing community. xox


  3. Thanks for the updates Kate, very much appreciated. I’m feeling lonely back here in the UK but the modest success I had in linking others up to Dawn’s GAP workshop along with your reports help a lot is stemming my sadness in not being invited to Perth.
    I heard a rumour you had to take issue with ADI or someone else on the first day about people with dementia and their support or lack of it, any chance of getting the background sometime as I’m more than somewhat disappointed in the way we, people with dementia, are being treated by those who should know better. In some respects we seem to be moving backwards.
    With our impending general election I attended a hustings meeting set up earlier this week by the Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) involving the three principle parties, I’ve never experienced such a contrived event and felt that all involved were extremely patronizing about us, people with a dementia that is.


    • Dear Peter, I’m glad they are helping in some small way to keep you connected to those of us there, and thank you SO MUCH for your IT support with our GAP events/meetings. Many of them went out for a private dinner last night, but I felt obliged to go to the conference dinner, as had been very generously given a ticket by Alzheimer’s Australia. We cannot be at two places at once, as much as we’d like to!! At least at conferences now, I think the patronising and tokenistic inclusion of people with dementia will start to really change… I certainly hope so! Take care my friend, Kate


  4. I’m glad that you’re presenting and still having fun meeting up with like-minded Australians.

    I really wish I could physically meet others with YOD – I think the local Alz. Australlia tried having meetings a few years ago but nobody really turned up. I went along once and there was only a carer (and the patient who was very advanced in their dementia) and they were a bit on the “older” side …..


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