Worried about our Koalas…

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.05.18 pmIn Australia, mining, other industry, and regional and housing development is slowly destroying the habitat of our Koala. I’ve had friends from the UK and Wales visit me in Adelaide, and I hired a mini bus and took them on a trip to visit our wineries, including a gourmet lunch with a great view at The Lane Winery, Woodside cheese tasting, a chocolate and lolly shop, a renowned bakery at Lobethal, and most importantly, the Cleland Wildlife Park, where they could actually hold and cuddle a Koala for a photo, as well as feed kangaroos, wallabies and emus. A couple of my guest did not actually believe we had any live ones, as she had been to Kangaroo Valley, and seen not even one kangaroo! I was, of course, delighted to prove we have them.

But, if our mining companies and so-called regional and housing ‘progress’ at places like Port Stephens keeps going, without any concern for our famous Koalas, also one of our national icons and a major tourist attraction, Australia may one day, only have them locked up in a zoo. This, from my apparently very patriotic Aussie perspective, would be a tragedy. I detest zoos anyway, as cannot bear to see animals in cages, in fact, the reason I do not have a dog in the city is because I believe they need more space to run around in. Perhaps my 16 years on an almost 5000 acre farm as a child had too much of an impact on me?!

The photo featured here is of me with Shibley and Bella the Koala… taken over a week ago. It feels like a lifetime ago, and I can hardly believe my friends are all home back in the UK! We all had a real ‘blast’, with not one ounce of suffering in sight, for over a week. Truly incredible…


7 thoughts on “Worried about our Koalas…

  1. I’m a Bit confused is that Shilbley in his Koala hat in the middle or without the hat on the left. As I have never seen him without his Koala hat all the time he was in Australia.


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  3. Love the Koala’s !!! Such cuddly, loveable creatures 🙂 Lucky you have them where you live. If you ever get the chance, hug one for me Kate! I hope there is a group there who speaks up for them and tries to help them. Happy weekend….Hugs…VK ❤


  4. Kate: Feral cats, dogs, and pigs do more damage to our native fauna than any mining or housing development. Keep in perspective that unless you get off the well beaten track, you are likely to see very little of our native fauna. Jeff Girle

    On Sat, May 2, 2015 at 6:42 AM, Creating life with words: Inspiration, love


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