How to find freedom from your past, by Claire De Boer

This is an important article on a blog I follow called The Gift of WritingHOW TO FIND FREEDOM FROM YOUR PAST by  and for anyone who has had a difficult past of any kind, worth a read. The following quote is important, and I’d recommend you follow the link and read the whole article.

There’s so much advice out there about keeping our eyes on the present and dreaming big about the future. “Don’t cry over the past,” they say, “forget it.” And it’s true that we shouldn’t allow a difficult past to steal the beauty of the present, but until the past no longer has the power to hurt us, we can never truly leave it behind and move on.


6 thoughts on “How to find freedom from your past, by Claire De Boer

  1. Sometimes I look all5 around to see people talking dementia alot of places and realized with all group and people talking to there isn’t anybbdy with tere groups I can eben talk one to talk to
    Nobody to fix my porblem.
    Very alone
    do I cut off everybody not to torture then with me living
    Leave everything and just go
    Stop torture for everyone and me
    Go to aged care and nobmore
    Fredim from now not past


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