Equality for everyone…

loveI usually leave politics out of the blog, and, in fact, I am SO DISILLUSIONED with politicians from ALL parties, in most countries, that I have become a political atheist.

Today, I really did think Australia would vote in favour of equality… IT IS SURELY TIME WE ALLOWED ANYONE WHO WANTS TO MAKE A COMMITMENT OF LOVE TO EACH OTHER, to GET MARRIED.

Surely this is a basic human right, and should not be exclusive to heterosexuals… Who the heck do these people discussing the issue ad nauseum think they are… is not equality for everyone????

There are many times these days that I feel ashamed to be part of the ‘human’ race. On an ABC site for The Drum, of which I am listening to at the moment (perhaps stupidly!?) it has been argued that the “Prime Minister Tony Abbott was right to argue that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that the Australian people should decide if there is to be a change.” In my humble opinion… what a load of bollocks.

It is not about what ‘the people’ think, it is about equality and human rights for everyone, our gay community included.

But if it must be what ‘the people want’, then please, bring it on!

That is all everyone asks; let us speak, and stop making it a political baton!!!

18 thoughts on “Equality for everyone…

  1. Sorry to hear about the vote NOT in favor of same sex marriage. As you know I am a proponent and in my experiences with Gregory’s Dementia/Alzheimer’s often begin my talks with “Alzheimer’s does not discriminate … against age, ethnicity, race, sex, sexual preference! It is an equal opportunity disease.”

    The U.S. finally got the message about Marriage for All as have a number of other countries. It takes time. What amazes me is that people can still hold onto discrimination of any sort, when they probably know, work with, are related to, love someone in the situation against with they discriminate! And often in the name of religion which I believe says: Love is what matters!


  2. Unfortunately the religious beliefs of a few end up going against the views of the majority of Australians. It happens frequently. Of course of I don’t remember them – only 2. The gay marriage area and the dying with dignity voluntary euthanasia area. But Australians are constantly having their wishes voted against!!


    • Lots of money come in from those in the Churches… not that being a Christian is a problem, but the power they seem to still have in some areas is extraordinary. We already know most of the wars are over religion too… just sayin


  3. Hear hear Kate. I share your dismay and disillusionment. It’s time we simply did what’s right and put this one to bed. This is an important issue but a no-brainer. Marriage equality, like universal suffrage, is naturally right. Time to get with the 21st century and then get on with the other important issues.


  4. I am wondering where to go with my political involvement. Politicians here in the U K seem to be a law unto themselves and come up with policies on the hoof. There’s a real irony here, if you are in prison you lose you right to vote. If you are in the House of Lords your Peerage is for life even if you have been at HMP. Funny that!


  5. These are upside down times Kate….They continue their shock and awe by their actions to stun the people into hopelessness. These are such tough times to be awake and alive. Of course we must keep fighting and waking more people up to the truth, but are we not all exhausted? Yes we are! That is why they keep at it hoping we will eventually back down and stop fighting. We must take breaks, rebuild our strength and continue on. We will all cover each other when we need these breaks thank goodness. It is such a drag that this is what living entails right now. That is why we must keep the bigger and brighter picture ahead of us to move towards. Of course we are all equal!!!! We know that and this helps us to keep our eyes open and stay aware…Hang in there. I hope I won’t have to keep saying all this too much longer 😦 Be well and hugs to you…VK ❤


  6. Hi Kate
    Notice similarities?
    It’s about exclusion, or rather failure to include.
    It’s about negotiating “about us, without us”.

    It used to be about (criminal) illness.


  7. The only thing they seem to think is a human right is to fly their children business class at our cost. Pigs with their snouts in the trough.


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