10 thoughts on “Dementia and kids #DAM2015 Day 20

  1. (he’s a handsome chap, though, isn’t he?) I still get annoyed when the majority of sources (some of whom should know better) only talk about it as an older person’s disease. Gradually, gradually I believe people are catching up to the idea that it affects younger people as well.


  2. My grandchildren who are 11-9- and 7, called it a different name when they were younger, because they cannot say Alzheimer’s or dementia properly. They started calling it old timers, something I thought was funny at the time.
    Although the my daughter is a biologist and try’s to explain things to them, my son is different. My daughter accepted the diagnosis because we are close and she knew that something was totally wrong with me. But my son is totally different and could not accept it let alone talk about it until recently.
    I confess that I was hurt by my sons attitude at the time, but my daughters three children made up for it all. Not only that but they understand so much about dementia, that it’s frightening, but they are so protective and caring that it brings tears to the eyes some days.
    Two of the girls have even done dementia training which amazed me.


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